The essential aspect of the oil protein diet is to exclude fats that are hard to digest. In their place, easily-digestible, easily combustible fats that supply energy and resilience – in other words, good fats, should make up the major share of the diet. Moreover, the diet is so carefully structured that all preservatives, which act like respiration toxins, are excluded. On the other hand, fresh and non-cooked food is rich in those pro- portions which support the organism’s automatic oxygen uptake. This form of nutrition is a whole food diet, a build-up diet. It should not be confused with a “diet” that is just light and bland. Many types of fresh vegetables are used raw. Only fresh vegetables should be used for preparing the steamed vegetable dishes. Canned vegetables or pickled vegetables are avoided. Raw prepared food should be included in some way for each meal. Either as a raw vegetable platter, or prepared raw in conjunction with the warm meal. Fat is used abundantly, however it is always used in proper harmony with protein, for instance quark with flaxseed oil in many variations forms an essential part of this energy-rich and revitalizing diet.

Daily schedule


Drink a glass of sauerkraut juice or butter milk before breakfast. For breakfast eat muesli regularly, To change the flavor you can vary the quark-flaxseed oil mixture with chopped rose hips, sea buckthorn juice, with other fruit juices, or with ground nuts. Butter is not recommended. Only herbal teas should be taken as beverages, a cup of black tea is also allowed, if needed. “Muesli” should be eaten regularly, prepared as follows: Put 2 tablespoons of LINOMEL in a glass bowl. Cover this with a layer of fresh fruit in season, (i.e. berries, cherries, apricots, peaches, grated apples). Now blend 3 tablespoons Flax Seed Oil, 3 tablespoons milk and a teaspoons honey with a hand blender, gradually adding the 100 – 125 g Quark. When the mixture is smooth, flavor by adding vanilla, cinnamon, or combinations such as banana with lemon, orange juice, berries, etc. In order to give it a new flavor every day, rosehip pulp, buckthorn juice, other fruit juices or ground nuts may be added. Butter is not recommended. Only herb teas should be served, but a cup of black tea is permitted on occasion.

At 10:00

In the morning have a glass of fresh-pressed carrot juice, or fresh-pressed celery and apple juice, or red beet juice with apple juice.

Sun Bathing

Sun Bathing outside 10 to 20 minutes around noon without sun lotion or glasses, expose as much skin as possible. Avoid washing with soap after sunbathing. Give the vitamin D time to be made and absorbed.


a) Cabbage fruit salad as appetizer

Make a quark-flaxseed mixture as mayonnaise by mixing 2 tablespoons flaxseed oil, and 2 tablespoons milk in the mixer, with two tablespoons of quark, then add 2 tablespoons lemon juice or apple cider vinegar, and flavor with 1 teaspoon of mustard and herbs. You can also use marjoram, dill, parsley, etc. adding 2-3 gherkins is also recommended. Use herbal salt. The quark-flaxseed oil mixture combined with a lot of mustard and a little banana is an excellent salad dip. As part of this oil protein diet the quark-flaxseed oil increases the value of the raw vegetables; in terms of taste, you can always come up with new surprises by using seasoning herbs. It makes the raw vegetables even better. The only oil you should use is flaxseed oil. In addition to green lettuces, grated root vegetables like carrots, kohlrabi (cabbage turnip), radishes, sauerkraut, black salsify, pureed or finely-grated cauliflower, are also suitable. Horseradish, chives, and parsley are also recommended.

b) Cooked meals

In addition to steamed vegetables, potatoes, rice in particular, buckwheat or millet, are also part of the diet. Only use Oleolox as oil. It tastes better with vegetables than does flaxseed oil. Preparation simply involves boiling the vegetables in some water and mixing them with some Oleolox and spices before serving. Soy sauce comes in handy. The quark-flaxseed oil mixture can also be served with the potato dish and flavored with caraway, chives, parsley, or with other herbs. If you are using the quark/flax seed oil mixture with potatoes then you can add more flaxseed oil.

c) Dessert

You can serve a quark-flaxseed oil mixture which can be varied with fruit, similar to breakfast. Quark-flaxseed oil combinations like lemon cream, wine cream, banana cream, or vanilla cream, are quite popular as a sweet variation. Combining the quark-flax seed oil mixture with fresh fruit always works well.

d) Afternoon

At about 3:00 and (sometimes*) at 4:00 for the patient a small glass of pure wine or champagne or also pure juice is recommended, however it should always be taken together with 1-2 tablespoons of Linomel.

e) Evening

The meal should be eaten early in the evening (about 6:00 pm), and it should be light. You can prepare a warm meal of rice, buckwheat or oatmeal, soy flakes, or similar flakes from a health food shop. The preparations with buckwheat grits are very good and they are the easiest to digest. The preparations can be made as soups, or in a more solid form they can also be combined with hearty sauces. Use a lot of Oleolox for sweet soups and sauces. This gives them more nutrients and they are richer in energy. Use honey to sweeten, all sugar is prohibited. I do not recommend wheat-germ preparations. Wheat germ oil (one teaspoon, twice a day) can be taken to support the cure.

Strictly forbidden

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All animal fats, margarines, “salad dressings”, and butter are strictly prohibited. Moreover all meat products are prohibited, because harmful conservatives are almost always added to their preparations. Canned meats are strictly prohibited. Sausage must be avoided completely. Only “pure juices” should be purchased as fruit juice, because the way these juices are prepared is important. Juices that contain preservatives are less effective than juices that are completely natural. Bakery goods, particularly the so-called “little piece” are also strictly prohibited, as frequently these are prepared with harmful fats which are biologically useless. (Oil Protein Cook Book by Johanna Budwig)
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Elimination or Detoxification (Mnemonic M.Sc., Botany) may include

  • Flax oil Massage,
  • Sun therapy,
  • Coffee enema and
  • Soda bicarb Bath.

Energy Therapies (Remember MTV)

  • Meditation, Yoga nidra, Positive attitude, System change and Deep breathing exercises
  • Tumor contract – Tell your tumor that if it grows in size, then you may die, and eventually he also will die. So advise him to become microscopic in size. In return you promise to make some changes in your life so that both of you might live long. If he agrees with your proposal, sign a contract with him immediately.
  • Visualisation

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