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Cancer Cure with 90% Success


Budwig Protocol – Great Cancer Cure

Budwig Protocol is the best alternative treatment for cancer. It acts upon the prime cause of the cancer. Prime cause of the cancer is lack of oxygen in the cells, as discovered by Dr Otto Warburg in 1931 and was awarded Noble Prize. He He proposed that sulfur containing protein (found in cheese) and some unknown fat is required to attract oxygen into the cell. He thought it would be butyric acid and made experiment, but this attempt was a failure. For many decades scientists were trying to identify this unknown and mysterious fat but nobody succeeded.


Then in 1949, Dr Johanna Budwig developed Paper Chromatography to identify fats. With this technique she could prove that electron rich highly unsaturated Linoleic and Linolenic fatty acids (Flax oil being the richest source) were the mysterious and undiscovered decisive fats required to attract oxygen into the cells, which Otto Warburg could not find. She studied the electromagnetic function of pi-electrons of the linolenic acid in the cell membranes, for nerve function, secretions, mitosis, as well as cell division.


She wanted to develop a healing program for cancer. So she enrolled over 642 cancer patients from four hospitals in Münster. She gave Flax oil and Cottage Cheese to these patients. After just three months, patients began to improve in health and strength, the yellow green substance in their blood began to disappear, tumors gradually receded and at the same time the nutrients began to rise.


This way she developed a simple cure for cancer, based on the consumption of Flax oil with low fat Quark or cottage cheese, raw organic diet, mild exercise, Flax oil massage and the healing powers of the sun. It was a great victory and the first milestone in the battle against cancer. She treated approx. 2500 cancer patients during last few decades. Prof. Halme of surgery clinic in Helsinki used to keep records of her patients. According to him her success was over 90% in all cancer, and this was achieved in cases, which were rejected by Allopathic doctors.

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