Dr. Budwig created unique ELDI oils, called electron differential oils after performing precise spectroscopic measurements of the light absorption in different oils – specifying that the oils contained pi-electron clouds from flax oil, wheat germ oil plus vitamin-E in its natural complex, etheric oils, and sulfhydryl groups.

Dr. Johanna Budwig said, “The sun is my preferred treatment modality, as is ELDI oil, used externally to stimulate the absorption of the long-wave band of the sun. I have used ELDI oils extensively since 1968 for body massage as well as in the selective application of oil packs. US pain institute has written somewhere: “What this crazy woman does with her ELDI oils, none of us manages to do via pain killers.” Dr. Budwig has mentioned that if ELDI oil is not available, you may use flax oil instead. You can buy ELDI oils at: www.sensei.de

The mode of action of ELDI oils

If you have never worked with ELDI-wraps as a patient or as a doctor, you probably cannot imagine their effects. How is such a thing to work and, above all, what effect should it have? First of all, the local increased energy consumption. Depending on how big this is, is also the effect of the coil. By the way, cancer treatment is not just about supplying the cancer cells with oxygen, but it is also about supplying energy to the transient cells in order to increase cellular communication. This was also Dr. Budwig’s idea of breast irradiation with a ruby laser. It was never about destroying cancer cells with the laser, but it was about an increased communication ability of the surrounding cells. So similar to a fever reaction. Our cells are able to communicate faster and better and thus act catalytically in a way that they would never be able to do without a fever. For this reason, Dr. Budwig also irradiated the surrounding tissue with the laser and not just the tumor. ELDI oils have exactly the same goal. They simply bring ADDITIONAL energy into our body, which is readily available and can be easily absorbed by all cells.

Massage Benefits

1- Since ancient time massage has been part of cancer healing. Think of your lymphatics as a trash-disposal system for your body. Massage initiates lymphatic drainage, you push the trash out of your body and you’re helping your immune system. 
2- Massage therapy is sometimes the first really pleasant touch a patient is able to experience.
3- Massage also releases endorphins (our body’s natural painkillers), stimulates lymph movement, and stretches tissues throughout the body. It’s energizing, stimulating, and pretty good feeling.

ELDI oil plans:

A: For cancer patients in support of the energy level
1. Full-body rubbings in the morning
2. ELDI oil R enema with 200ml every 2-3 days
3. Wrap at the “place of the happening”

B: For energetically weak patients
1. Full-body rubbings in the morning and in the evening
2. Enema: standard plan for ELDI oil R
3. Wrap at the “place of the happening”
4. Daily liver wrap with ELDI oil sage

Additional information:
1- Make sure that you make once a week a (deep/high) enema with water or coffee.
2- If you make daily coffee enemas, then start in the morning with the coffee enema and then with the ELDI R enema, but only if your energy level allows you to make two enemas daily. Otherwise, only make the ELDI R enema. (Oil Protein Diet by Lothar Hirneise)
3- ELDI oils from SENSEI (www.sensei.de) are produced in a permanent cold chain in a European oil mill and marketed under the name of Electron Differentiation Oils. There are two qualities. A 6-star organic quality and a 5-star quality, which are produced exclusively for the IOPDF (www.iopdf.com).

Cost factor ELDI oils

Again and again, we hear that for reasons of cost, patients use Flaxseed oil instead of ELDI oil R for an enema. Please do not do so, because Flaxseed oil does not react in the same way as ELDI oil R. Instead, use cheap ELDI oils from IOPDF or reduce the amount of oil.


Two times a day, i.e. morning and evening, rub ELDI Oil or flax oil into the skin over the whole body, a bit more intensely on the shoulders, armpits, and groin area (where plenty of lymphatic vessels are present) as well as the problem areas, such as the breast, stomach, liver, etc. Leave the oil on the skin for about 20 minutes and follow with a warm water shower without washing with soap. After 10 minutes take another shower, this time using a mild soap, and then relax for 15-20 minutes.

Once the body has been oiled and the ELDI Oil or flax oil has penetrated the skin, the warm water will open the skin pores and the oil penetrates the skin more deeply. The second shower, where one washes with soap, cleanses the skin so that clothes and linen will not become overly soiled.

Oil Packs

Take a piece of cloth made of pure cotton. Cut to a size to fit the body part, such as the knee. Soak the cotton cloth with oil, place it on the knee, etc., cover it with a piece of polythene, and wrap it up with an elastic bandage. Leave overnight. Remove in the morning and wash the knee; repeat in the evening. Keep applying the same procedure for weeks, you get good results. You also use flax oil or castor oil for these local applications if you do not get ELDI oils. Dr. Budwig generally recommended ELDI sage and should be used in the following indications:
1- Tumors
2- Painful skin areas
3- Metastases
4- Hepatic impairment and liver support
5- Kidney problems
6- Bladder disorders
7- Intestinal cramps
8- Lung disorders
9- Bone disorders of all kinds

ELDI Oil Enema

Enemas are used in the Oil-Protein Diet exclusively for energy intake and not for the purification of the intestine. Dr. Budwig used to give ELDI oil or flax oil enema to her serious patients. Budwig used to get immediate and miraculous results with the most seriously ill patients. Flaxseed Oil enema also give similar results.

I recommend you to make the first enemas only with 100ml and then increase over several days to 250ml. Some patients have enemas with 500ml oil and positively reported on it. 500ml are however the absolute exception and mostly not necessary. Usually, 250ml suffice.

Incidentally, smaller amounts are also easily introduced with an enema syringe instead of with an enema bucket. Enema syringes are available in sizes up to 350ml and are easy to handle.

Standard plan for ELDI oil R:
Day 1 = 100ml,
day 2 = 100ml,
day 3 = 150ml,
day 4 = 150ml,
day 5 = 200ml,
day 6 = 200ml and
day 7 = 250ml.

From the seventh day, one remains at 250ml, and so long until the patient is significantly better. Then you can go back to 100ml – 150ml, always together with 1-2 daily whole body rubbings. (Oil Protein Diet by Lothar Hirneise)
Buy Eldi oil at https://www.sensei.de/shop/page/2/

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