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Eleven years, Lothar Hirneise worked as a trained nurse in the State Psychiatric Hospital in Winnenden. After four years, he took psychoanalysis training. Hirneise was also master in Eastern combat sports and a Kung Fu teacher. He owned a successful sporting goods company, which he sold for a tidy profit in 1986. After a year one of his close friend developed Testicular Cancer. Lothar went in search of information about cancer therapies and came across Lynne McTaggart, the founder of the book and magazine “What Doctor’s Don’t Tell You.” Then he was informed that Frank Wiewel, president of the American organization “People Against Cancer”, which operates alternative cancer research since 1985, would come to London. So he went to London with his best friend Klaus Pertl to attend this conference for alternative cancer treatments (early 1997). This weekend his friend died. This was the starting point of his intensive quest for potential cancer therapies. He had time and money and read everything he could get his hands on. He nearly went crazy and was severely infected by a virus called Holistic Oncology. He travelled to Bahamas, Mexico, Russia, China, and the United States and all over Europe.

Frank Wiewel advised him to visit Dr. Budwig who lived only 60 km from his home in Germany. Lothar and Klaus Pertl visited Budwig in the spring of 1998, and from the beginning it was an intense relationship that persisted for a very long time. Over several years he remained in close contact with this great sage of Science. The content of their conversations used to be about fats and electrons. One day she suggested writing a book in which, she could explain her theories again, briefly and concisely. And the Book Cancer – “The Problem And The Solution” was written. Lothar worked very hard in the creation of this great book.

 Lothar Hirneise is founder and President of “People Against Cancer”, Germany. He is a great researcher and writer on alternative healing. In his book “Chemotherapy cures cancer and the earth is flat” he puts an “Encyclopedia of unconventional cancer treatments”, and summarizes the results of his years of worldwide research together. The book became a best seller within no time. He had successfully treated thousands of cancer patients at his center in Germany (3E Zentrum, Buocher Höhe Im Salenhäule 10, D-73630 Remshalden-Buoch Telefon: 07151-98130).

Tumor is not a problem, but a solution

Lothar Hirneise says: “A tumor is the body’s solution to some problem in your body. A tumor forms because someone is no longer producing adrenaline, which is needed to break down sugar. An excess of sugar is dangerous, so the body produces tumors. Tumors ferment or burn sugar. Tumors also use a lot of energy – sugar – due to the fast division of cells. Cancer cells function like liver cells, but much more efficiently. So the tumor helps you to get rid of poisons from your body. Without the tumor you would be really ill. That is why you shouldn’t immediately operate to remove a tumor. First strengthen and detoxify yourself. If the tumor still continues to grow – which is almost never the case – you can always operate later.”

3E Program

He travels a lot in search of finding most successful alternative cancer therapies. In the last few years he has interviewed several hundred final stage so-called survivors, meaning patients who were in the final stage of cancer and who are all healthy again today. Based on his findings he proposed a 3E Program for cancer.  

       1- Eat well

       2- Eliminate the toxins from the body

       3- Energy

He noticed that 100% of all survivors, did the energy work. In approximately – say 80% of all patients, He found a change in diet. And in at least 60% of all patients, took intensive detoxification rituals. This is the basis of his, so much talked about 3E Program for healing cancer.

Diet and Nutrition

He proudly says that he has shaken the hands with hundreds of people, who made extreme dietary change and became well. They are still alive and living a healthy life. If you still believe that Cancer diets are nonsense, go to him, he will prove the opposite. He has interviewed enough patients and knows them personally. Good nutrition naturally means getting energy. He explains that we have three ways and means of getting energy into our bodies. 

      1- First is the light. Light is naturally our number one source of energy. He is 100% sure.

      2- The second way is organic nutrition. He emphasized strict organic diet; of course, you do not get any energy from a chicken burger. Rather, when you eat this, you lose some energy, which you have to compensate later.     

      3- Another possibility which you have is let the energy flow in your body, in your meridians and in your thoughts. Think about the feeling you had last time when you were in love. You felt wonderful; you were on top of the sky. But what did it change? Did your DNA change? Did your cell respiration change? Nothing really changed. The Indians would say your chakras were opened and the energy started to flow freely again. This is the secret, not only to get the energy, but also to let it flow freely. This proves that our thoughts, our mental-spiritual side is too important. 

 Now back to nutrition. Out of all nutritional therapies of cancer that he had investigated, the Budwig diet is definitely number one. He investigated thousands of patients, Dr. Budwig allowed him to investigate all her cases of the last thirty years, and he concluded that nowhere you find such fantastic cases as with Dr. Budwig, not even remotely. It’s amazing. Even patients who were in coma, when received her Oil-Protein Diet, and rubbed so-called electron differential oils (ELDI oils) on the body, did again come out from coma. They were able to eat, walk and live normally today. It is really miraculous. Therefore, her Oil-Protein Diet became the basis of his 3-E Program for cancer patients. 


Next important point that he suggests is detoxification. Detoxification actually covers two points.

        1- The first is naturally to avoid toxins and poisons e.g. use of cosmetics, toothpaste, etc.

        2- And the second point which belongs to detoxification is not to add any toxins in future. The most important point is definitely diet. It doesn’t need further explanation. We are ingesting lot of poisons through our diet. Is better not to eat than all this rubbish that one can buy today.

Healthy teeth and gums are phenomenally important. Heat is a very good way to expel poisons. All the parasite cleanses, colon cleansing, ELDI oils, drinking a lot of water is essential. Going out into the sun light, twice daily is very important. You might have listened today that the sun is suddenly bad for you and may cause skin cancer. That is nonsense, forget it. We are all children of the light, we definitely need the light.  Even if it’s raining and cloudy today go outside. Even if patient is in coma, he must be wheeled out. You should go twice daily into the light. Light increases Vitamin D levels, important for the liver and increases energy levels.

Energy Work

Energy work is the most important point. He divides it into mental and spiritual work. Naturally, you are advised to do meditation and develop positive thinking. You think about life, ‘Why do I have cancer and what is the purpose of my life, why am I here on this earth?’ and so on.  But he focused on something what he called the SYSTEM CHANGE. He explains that we all live in Systems. In our marriage, in our house, in our job, etc. Many, many, many of these cancer patients made system jumps. Means that they kicked their husband in the butt and threw him out. They quit their job, they moved, they not only moved their bed, they moved out of their apartment, went to other countries. Quite honestly, I don’t know, what should you do? But Lother’s experience is that it it’s remarkable to what extent people changed their life before they were in a position to get well.   

Lothar Hirneise Concludes: “There is no spontaneous remission, there are only people who positively change their life and regained their health that way.”  (Hirneise, 2005)

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