How do I store Flaxseed oil?
Generally cool. Best at 50-100 (Fahrenheit 41-50) in the refrigerator. Always keep the Flaxseed oil bottles upright and never lay them down as they may cause faster oxidation.
Should I now buy low-fat Quark or Quark with 20% or 40% fat?
Only a Quark with as little fat (less than 2%) is optimal. Quark is about sulfur-containing amino acids. Less fat means more amino acids.
Can Quark be replaced with tofu, yogurt or soya?
Absolutely no.
Is there an alternative to Quark?
In many books or on the Internet, it is always claimed that there are alternatives to Quark, such as e.g., yogurt, soy, or whey protein (which you should never use!). This is wrong. There is absolutely no good substitute for Quark. The only alternative (although it has a slightly different composition like Quark) is Cottage Cheese with as little fat as possible. This should only be used if no Quark is available.
Can I eat cheese?
Basically yes, but in moderation and with the exception of cream cheese and fresh cheese. Only raw milk/hard cheese is permitted. Cheese of sheep or goat is preferable.
Can I eat raisins and dates?
Yes, raisins and dates are allowed in small quantities.
Which fat can be used for frying?
Only coconut fat.
Can I use olive oil?
Theoretically, you can use any organic oils with salad. Dr. Budwig preferred Flaxseed oil, pumpkin seed oil, wheat germ oil, poppy oil, and thistle oil are also permitted but do not heat. Oleolox may be heated for two minutes.
Can I drink coffee?
Can soya and oatmeal be eaten?
Dr. Budwig wrote several times that oat flakes, soy flakes, yeast flakes, and other flakes are permitted. But today I just say that you buy only high-quality organic “flakes”.
Can I eat bread?
Dr. Budwig has recommended her patients eat no bread during acute tumor phases. Instead, she recommended full-grain rice waffles or Ezekiel bread as an alternative.
Can cows or soy milk be drunk?
No, drinking any milk is forbidden in the Oil-Protein Diet.
Can noodles be eaten?
The literature of Dr. Budwig nearly always did not allow cancer patients to eat noodles. The reason is that noodles are made of flour, eggs, and oil. Flour has the disadvantage that it is basically a fast-digesting sugar and mostly the producers use cheap oils. Energetically speaking, noodles are “not really full with electrons”. Unfortunately, you are worsening the already bad adrenaline-insulin ratio of a cancer patient.
Which milk can be used for the Quark?
Dr. Budwig recommended raw milk. Unfortunately, these are nowadays difficult to buy anywhere. Alternatively, pasteurized milk is also okay. All other varieties of milk, such as ultra-heat-treated or homogenized (long life or full cream), are prohibited.

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