Sun, photons, electrons – What are they?
Sun rays reach the earth as an inexhaustible source of energy. The sources of power in mineral oil, coal, green plant-foods and fruits are based on the energy supplied by the sun’s radiation. Light is the fastest traveler from star to star. There is nothing that travels faster than light. Light speeds along with time. Physicists emphasize that the photon, the quantum, the smallest component of the sun’s rays is eternal. It is truly a life element. Life is impossible without the photon.

The photon is always in motion. Nothing can ever halt its motion. The photon is full of colors and can change its color, its frequency, when present in large numbers. The photon – acknowledged to be the purest form of energy, the purest wave, always in motion—can unite with a second photon, when it is in resonance with the other, to form a “short-lived particle.” This particle, known as “O” particle, can break up into two photons again, without mass, as a pure wave in motion. This is the basis for the wonderful back and forth movement between light and matter. This photon can never be pinned down to one location. This is the foundation for the Theory of Relativity. The photon gave rise to Max Planck’s and Einstein’s formation of the quantum theory which is of such significance today.
Electrons are a smallest particles of matter and are in continual movements. They vibrate continually on their own wavelength. They have their own frequency, like radio receivers which are set at a certain wavelength. The electron orbits in matter around a nucleus. The heavy matter in the nucleus (proton) is charged with positive electricity. In contrast to this, the electron carries a negative charge. The positively charged nucleus and the negatively charged electron attract each other by means of their electrical opposition. But the electron, always in motion, never approaches the nucleus close enough to be drawn out of its own orbit. It maintains a certain freedom of movement within its prescribed orbit.

The electron loves photons. It attracts photons by its magnetic field. When an electrical charge moves, it always produces a magnetic field. The moving photon also has a magnetic field. Both fields, the magnetic field of the electrons and the magnetic field of the photons attract each other when the wavelengths are in tune. The wave length of the photon—which the photon can change—must fit into the wavelength of the orbiting electron so that the orbit maintains a complete wavelength. This feature is extremely interesting in terms of its physical, biological and even philosophical consequences. Matter always has its own vibration, and so, of course, does the living body. The absorption of energy must correspond to one’s own wavelength.
Sunbeams are very much in harmony with human. It is no coincidence that we love the sun. The quantum biologists say that the resonance in our body is so strongly tuned to the sun’s energy that: There is nothing else on earth with a higher concentration of photons of the sun’s energy than man. This concentration of the sun’s energy with their highly suitable wavelengths is improved when we eat electron-rich food. The electrons attract the electromagnetic waves of sunbeams. Flax seed oil contain high amount of electrons which are on the wavelength of the sun’s energy. Scientifically, these oils are even known as electron-rich essential highly unsaturated fats. The famous Quantum Physicist Dessauer writes: If it were possible to increase’ the concentration of solar electrons tenfold in this electron-rich unsaturated fats, then man would be able to live 10,000 years.
The sun’s energy and man as an antenna
Almost everyone knows what an antenna is. The marvelous science of Maxwell, the physicist, concerning electro-magnetic waves today are well-researched and of practical use. Famous examples are telegraphy, radio, television, microwave oven, cell phones and various applications of high-frequency technology in the manufacturing of electromagnets, the atom bomb and research into nuclear power as a source of energy. Maxwell was able to show that an electric current flowing in an electrically conductive matter produces a magnetic field. Also electrically conductive matter which is moved within a magnet’s field, will produce a current. When an atomic particle, such as an electron, is accelerated by an electric field, this produces electric and magnetic fields, which travel at right angles to each other, produces electromagnetic wave. These fundamental, elementary laws can also be applied to biological processes.
When the sun shines on the leafy canopy of a tree and is absorbed through photosynthesis, this causes movement in the electrical charge of the electrons. A magnetic field is also brought about when the water in trees rises. When we, with our wealth of electrons and conductive living substance, move through the electro-magnetic field of a forest, then a charging with solar electrons takes place in us. When our blood circulates, there is a movement of the electrical charge in the magnetic fields (for example, on the surface lipids of red blood corpuscles), which then causes much induction and re-induction of energy.
With each heartbeat, a dose of the body’s own electron-rich, highly unsaturated fats from the lymph system, together with lymph fluid, goes into the blood vessels and thereby into the heart. This constantly stimulates and strengthens the electro-motoric functioning of the heart; Even the movement of the bloodstream is connected with radiation of electromagnetic waves-in accordance with the fundamental law of nature which governs electro-magnetic waves. This Transmitter within humans is always in action.
This Transmitter is also observed in neurons. The cylindrical structure of our nerves with the different layers and ganglions, with the difference in electrical potential between the neurons and dendrites, immediately supplies the picture of how strongly an electric current in a magnetic field leads to the emit¬ting of electromagnetic waves. When I think a positive thought about another person, this involves the emitting of electromagnetic waves. The reception of thought also depends on the wavelength to which the receiver is tuned. There are amplifiers, as well as Transmitters that interfere. This encompasses a whole host of situations that are known under different names such as telepathy, hypnosis, mental telepathy, and many others.
Among Nordic peoples, it is known that the isolated native inhabitants use a tree to amplify thought Transmission, for example, to inform the husband who had gone to town, that he should bring back some salt. Bismark described how, during periods of trouble or pressure, he found relaxation by putting his arms around a tree and leaning his forehead against the trunk. In both cases, it involves electromagnetic waves that behave in accord with Maxwell’s mathematical equations.
Fats Syndrome
The special relationship between photons, electrons and Essential Fats (EFAs) described by Dr. Budwig is due to the amazing molecular structures of LA (cis-linoleic acid) and ALA (cis-linolenic acid). The cis-configuration allows de-localized electron clouds (pi-electrons) to collect in the bend produced on the chain. The resulting electrostatic force enables the EFAs to capture oxygen molecules and hold proteins within cell membranes. Like static electricity in a capacitor these charges can produce measurable bioelectric currents essential to nerve, muscle, heart and membrane functions. EFAs are extremely important to the body’s overall energy exchange potential — the flow of life force.
Let us concentrate on the actual fats syndrome with its effects on the brain and nerve functions, the organs of the senses, the secretion of mucous, the functioning of the stomach and intestinal tract, liver, gall bladder and kidneys, the lymph and blood vessels, the skin, respiration, the immunity system, the fertilization processes and sexuality. All of these systems and processes of the human being are very much connected with electron-rich highly unsaturated fats, as receivers, amplifiers and Transmitters of electro-magnetic waves, and as supervisor of the vital functions. The famous Quantum Physicist Dessauer writes: If it were possible to increase the concentration of solar electrons tenfold in this electron-rich unsaturated fat molecule, then man would be able to live 10,000 years.
Physicists interpret from mathematical formulae that man, with his wealth of electrons, is directed forward in time, which conceals within him the greatest potential to attract the sun’s energy, and is directed against entropy. By means of these mathematical formulae, applied to Physics, and by reversing time, the mirror image of human beings is coined—the “Anti-Mensch”, lacking electrons, lacks power and strength and directed into the past. It increases the occurrence of cancer. His thought processes, too—is paralyzed, because the element of life, the sun-attuned electrons, is missing.
The process by which x-rays, gamma rays, atom bombs or cobalt rays are set in motion is also equally directed toward the development of the “Anti-Mensch”. The electronic structure of the vital functions is destroyed by such rays. According to Feynman’s “World Line Diagram” and modern theory of relativity, time and space have been given a relationship in a formula. The “Anti-Mensch” is directed into the past. Human’s body tissues with its interplay between solar energy photons and large number of electrons, with its concentration of photons in life’s activities and in the dynamics of the vital functions, are directed into the future.
But, when people began to hydrogenate the oils to increase their shelf-life; no-one thought about the consequences of this. In this process these vitally important electrons were destroyed. During hydrogenation, vegetable oils are reacted with hydrogen gas at high temperature. A nickel is used to speed up the reaction and unsaturated fats are hardened. This negative aspect concerning the development of the “Anti-Mensch” is in accordance with Feynman’s “World Line Diagram”. I emphasize that it means the fats and oils which have had their electron structure destroyed serve, within time and space, to promote the development of the “Anti-Mensch”.
The electrons as resonance system
The electrons in our food serve as the resonance system for the sun’s energy. Their electro-magnetic field attracts the photons in sunlight. The physicist cannot imagine life without these active and vital photons. These photons, which are in resonance with the electrons in seed oils, are focused on the same wavelength as the sun’s energy, serve the life element. This interplay of solar energy photons and the electrons in seed oils governs all the vital functions. Fats are the dominant factor for all the vital functions, according to Ivar Bang.
The electrons of highly unsaturated fats from seed oils, which are on the same wavelength as sunlight, are capable of drawing solar energy and storing it, then, upon demand, of activating it as the purest energy in the form of the electrons clouds, and making it available for the vital functions. All the vital functions are closely connected with membrane function. The exchange of electrons, the distribution of energy in the whole organism is dependent on these membrane functions — in the nerve pathways, the brain, in every organ, the liver, gall bladder and pancreas in the stomach’s mucous membrane and in the kidneys and intestinal tract. The controlling functions of these membranes with their electro-motoric power, is felt everywhere. This is also true for the respiratory functions, and in oxygen absorption and utilization. It also applies to cell division — to all normal growth processes. It is true for the catabolism of substance in the elimination processes taking place by way of the kidneys, intestinal tract and also for the growth of hair and nails, as well as for the development of young life in the womb. Most significant point is that it is this electronic energy that heals cancer. This turning point in the field of proven successful cancer therapy is only one aspect of much bigger picture of the Quantum Biology. A lot of mysteries and miracles have yet to be discovered by doing research in Quantum Biology.
How can we once more reach the peak of human development?
Freeing you from the influences and effects of radiation and from environmental factors which promote development into the “Anti-Mensch”, seem important. These goals, set by the individual who chooses, or by the state and food industries with their organization and planning, should be to see that the food we eat consists of electron-rich nutrition. An electron-rich food intake which supplies us with the resonance system for the sun’s energy, must once more achieve priority. Such food, as the life element, promotes our sun-attuned energy. This in turn promotes our development, in space and time, into the future. The entire self can then grow and continue to develop further until, in accordance with the laws of nature which govern light and life, the highest level of our being is achieved. (Excerpted from Dr Johanna Budwig’s book “Flax Oil as a True Aid Against Arthritis, Heart Infarction, Cancer and Other Diseases.”)