SATURDAY, 23 JUNE 2018 – Interview by Mrs. Manisha Rathore, 1 Nature Mumbai 

Q 1 – Doctor, first of all let me congratulate you for writing such an excellent and authentic book “Cancer – Cause And Cure”. This is a very informative, easy to read miracle book, supported by scientific facts, helpful references and resources. Her therapy is based on Quantum Physics developed by Dr Johanna Budwig. Can you please tell us briefly about Dr Johanna Budwig and her great therapy?
Ans: Dr. Johanna Budwig, a seven-time Nobel Prize nominee, was a qualified German pharmacologist, biochemist and physicist with a doctorate in Natural Science, who worked as the chief expert for drugs and fats at the Federal Institute for Fats Research, Germany. She was the world’s leading authority on fats and oils. During her research, she found that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients had deficiency of unsaturated essential fats (Linoleic and Linolenic fatty acids), lipoproteins, phosphatides, and hemoglobin. She also had noticed that cancer patients had a strange greenish-yellow substance in their blood which is not present in the blood of healthy people
Dr. Budwig discovered the truly “essential” and powerfully healing nature of essential fatty acids on cancer and other degenerative diseases including diabetes, strokes, heart infarction, stomach ulcers, enlarged prostate, arthritis, psoriasis, and immune deficiencies. She also studied in-depth the effect of hydrogenated and other denatured (Refined oils) fats upon human health and found it to be disastrous and injurious to health.
This way she developed a simple cure for cancer, based on the consumption of flax oil with low fat quark or cottage cheese, raw organic diet, mild exercise, flax oil massage and the healing powers of the sun. Processed foods, meats, most dairy products and sugar are prohibited. It was a great victory and the first milestone in the battle against cancer. She treated approx. 2500 cancer patients during last few decades. Prof. Halme of surgery clinic in Helsinki used to keep records of her patients. According to him her success was over 90%, and this was achieved in cases, which were rejected by Allopathic. Allopathy focuses on symptoms not the cause; while she focused on the cause and found the solution to it.
Science has proven that fats play an important role in the functioning of the entire body. Fats (lipids) are vital for all growth processes, renewal of cells, brain and nerve functions. Our energy resources are based on lipid metabolism. To function efficiently, cells require true polyunsaturated, live electron-rich essential fats.

Manisha Rathore A Media (Television) & Telecom professional with more than twenty five years of global experience having worked with some of the leading companies – Reliance Infocomm, Tata Teleservices, Aircel, Bakrie Telecom (Indonesia) Zee TV, Plus Channel, Chaitime and others. She founded Popup Technologies in 2011.

Q 2 – What is prime cause of cancer and how her therapy targets upon the prime cause of cancer?

Ans: In 1931, Dr Otto Warburg proved that prime cause of cancer is oxygen deficiency in the cells. Oxygen is required for energy production in our cells. Without oxygen, cell can produce only 5% energy and bad lactic acid (left rotating) is produced. He proposed that some unknown fats and sulfur containing protein is required to pull oxygen into the cells.
In 1949, Dr Budwig developed Paper Chromatography technique to identify the fats; they are Alpha-linolenic and Linoleic fatty acids, found in flaxseed oil. There are flocks of delocalized electrons at the unsaturated double bonds in these fatty acids. These are essential fats and our body cannot produce them. When Flax oil is blended with cottage cheese, fats become water soluble and electron rich lipoproteins are formed. When consumed, they make healthy cell membranes and pull oxygen like a magnet into the cells. Thus energy production is restored in the cells and cancer starts healing naturally.

Q 3: What is an electron cloud?

Ans: The enhancement of electronic energy is always higher through absorption of sun photons in the unsaturated fatty acids e.g. in linolenic fatty acids; then the power of the electrons is so high in the dipolarity between gravity and electrons, that they lifts off of the heavy mass and floats like a cloud hence I called them electron cloud. If our body has enough electrons, we stay healthy, cheerful, energetic, intelligent, livelong and disease-free.

Q 4: Will you teach us fundamentals of Quantum physics and how it affects human being?

Ans: The dipolarity between the electrically positive cell nucleus and the electrically negative cell membrane creates an electrical field. If the electrical field is destroyed, the dipolarity between the cell nucleus and the cell membrane dies and the battery becomes dead. To recharge the battery of life, we need electrons to get the current moving again. Electrons have a great affinity for oxygen – they love it. They attract oxygen and stimulate our breathing – our entire being.
All life processes and vital functions are governed by the exchange of electrons. The movement of energy in the electron cloud creates the electromagnetic field of the cell membrane, which controls the exchanges between the internal and external environments of the cell. If the cell membrane is damaged, it could lead to disease like cancer, diabetes, heart infarction etc.
Flaxseed oil, with the highest number of pi electrons absorbed from the sun, is the most optimal oil because the wavelengths of the electrons in flaxseed oil match the wavelengths of the sun’s electrons. These electrons are precisely what the human body needs and what are lacking in the modern diet.
Light is the source of all energy. Sun rays reach the earth through light. The smallest component of light is the photon. The photon is the purest form of energy. The photon is also the foundation of Max Planck’s and Einstein’s quantum theory. Einstein had proved that the photon is always accompanied by electromagnetic fields. Electrons love photons. Electrons attract and capture photons by means of their electromagnetic fields when they are on the same wavelengths.
Dr. Budwig recognized the interaction between pi electrons and photons in highly unsaturated fats and their resonance with solar energy. Seed oils, with their wealth of electrons absorbed from the sun, also store photon energy. When we eat foods rich in electrons that come from the sun, we can in turn attract the electromagnetic waves of photons.

Q 5: What do you recommend for prevention of cancer?

Ans: Consume only flax oil as oil. I reject all hydrogenated fats and refined oil containg toxic Tran’s fats. Avoid frozen and preserved meat. Fresh meat is OK. No frozen food and no bakery products. Prepare fruit juices yourself. Cheese and potatoes are OK. Avoid the electromagnetic radiation (e.g. microwave and mobile phones etc.). I reject synthetic textiles and foam mattresses because they steal lot of electronic energy from you. A lot of wood in home construction and woollen or silk carpets are also important. Wear gemstones, they also have good biological radiation. The environment and living conditions must be as biological (organic & natural) as possible. Regular sleep is very important.

Q 6: What are the activities and initiatives you have taken as a proponent of Budwig protocol?

Ans: I extensively publish articles in English and Hindi about Budwig Protocol in news papers and magazine. I also use social media and online resources for awareness of this protocol. We regularly conduct seminars, workshops, press conferences and free camps throughout the country. We also conduct Budwig Protocol training programs for doctors, therapists and healers.