The visualization is perhaps the most important tool to tap into the power of your imagination to help heal cancer, manage problems or rather achieve anything in your life. Learning to direct and control images in your mind can help you to relax. This may help to

      1- Relieve stress

      2- Control some of the symptoms caused by your cancer or cancer treatments

      3- Boost your immune system to help your body fight off infections and promote healing

Whatever you see around yourself is just a thought in the beginning, For example the cup of coffee you are holding in your hands or the house in which you live today did not exist in the past. Not very long ago there was a thought in your mind that you want to construct a dream house for living. Then you made construction designs and all sort of workup. Our whole life runs on the rails of time and never turns back.  This is our time line.

First of all understand that everything around us is just a thought, energy or a wave. It is significant to understand this. Then only you will believe that energy can be converted in to a matter. Just imagine that a hypnotist puts a coin on your palm and makes you believe that it is hot. You feel burning in your palm. You may even have blisters on your palm. Here the temperature of coin just changed through only.  

If you have believed that certain thought can change the condition of your body within seconds. Then why not a good thought can heal your tumor. In many studies Visualization trainer Carl Simomton has proved that cancer patients live twice if they follow visualization technique systematically. 

 Lothar Hirneise, the student of Dr. Johanna Budwig, respects Carl’s research too much except a few points. Simomton teaches his cancer patients to visualize that their white cells are attacking cancer cells and killing them. Lothar is against this school of thought. Because in this situation patient focuses on his tumor. But Lothar says that main problem is something else, tumor problem is secondary. Secondly patient thinks of a war with a cancer cell, while Lothar believes that cancer patient needs balance and harmony rather than thinking of a war.

Lothar has interviewed hundreds of cancer survivors and came to the conclusion that cancer patient avoids direct confrontation with his tumor, but wants to remain busy in dealing with healthy and happy future. Though every patient has different approach, but end is same, creating a happy future. Lothar admits that visualization is the single most important therapy in his so much talked about 3E Program. After all if we will not create a healthy future for us then who else will do.


Please, review your time line again and compare it with thought-matter line.  You will notice that both lines travel in the same direction and never turn back. You can never change the direction of any line. So start now and create your own happy future yourself. 

I am going to discuss Lothar’s technique in detail, which he learned from Europe’s famous Visualization trainers Jack Black from Glasgow. Jack has taught his Mind Store System to 50,000 people in last few years. He is consultant of many celebrities and several companies. Lothar recommends that every cancer patient should attend seminars of Jack Black or Klaus Partl. Klaus Partl is right hand of Lothar Hirneise and teaches visualization at his 3E Center in Germany.  

Initially Cancer patient thinks that the most important job is to destroy tumor. If he gets rid of tumor then he can plan to take some holistic treatments e.g. visualization. This is very bad decision. It is very important to follow visualization techniques as a part of your tumor destruction program. 

But How does it work? This word HOW is very important, because it usually prevents us to take right decisions. At this moment don’t try to think how visualization shall work, how it is going to destroy your tumor. Time being I just say that try to trust us that it actually works. 

In short I just say that you learn how to make your future healthy and cheerful, do not focus on present and past. Lothar says that if you know your past, it is easier to change your future. But your main focus should be to create happy future. 

Your dream house where you heal your cancer

To give positive impact on your body and mind, it is very important that you become completely relaxed before you start thinking and visualizing. Relaxation or rather achieving alpha stage is the first step. Alpha means relaxed stage (7-14 hertz waves) of your mind. You can relate it with the alpha waves of an EEG tracing. Then there are beta, theta and delta waves. To reach this state there are many techniques or meditations. Some books and CDs are also available. Even listening classical music, meditation or mild yoga can relax you.

When you achieve deep relaxation, start thinking and visualizing. You start it by walking slowly along the right bank of a river. After a short distance you turn towards right. You see blue sky and green meadows. There are lot of trees and a very beautiful house with red terrace. (can imagine your dream house)

Now you enter this house. First room is a beautiful bathroom with a shower. You start taking shower. It washes out all your negativity, toxins and dis-eased cells.  After taking shower you sit under the sun, the sunshine dries and fills you with energy within a couple of moments.

Now you go to screen room. On the blank wall of this room there are 3 big LCD monitors. You can relax on the comfortable sofa. You can control these screens with a remote control. On the side table of sofa there also lays a universal DVD recorder. Left screen shows your future, right one the past and the central screen shows your present. 

Switch on the central screen, it shows your present sickness. Accept that many people suffered from this illness, you are not alone. Now switch on the right screen to see if you suffered from similar illness in the past. And if you suffered, then how did you treat it. Usually we don’t find solution of current problems in the past. Now you minimize and freeze the past screen with remote control. Also, minimize and freeze the present screen.

Now relax and switch on future screen and try to find a solution to your problems. Now visualize a situation where you look perfectly healthy and your tumor has already dissolved. For example if you suffer from bone sarcoma in your thigh and can’t even walk due to this illness; you may imagine that you are skiing in Switzerland. Feel the snow peaks, cold breezes, your friend’s laughter, your own respiration sounds. Magnify these images, even increase brightness and contrast, and feel the reflection of these images on your body.

You may go to screen room daily, whenever you get time and see yourself skiing. Now you need not to view central and right screen any more. Directly start left screen, our next job is to record this skiing video on universal DVD recorder. The universal DVD recorder will relay this broadcast to the whole world. Your all nears and dears will know about your dream and start helping you to achieve this. To conclude the session, come out of the house and return to the river. Count up to seven and slowly open your eyes. Take a deep breath. This ends your visualization. Always keep in mind that the end should always be happy for everybody; nobody should be harmed any way.  

Renovate your dream house if needed

You can construct some extra rooms in this house, if there is a need. For example you can make a small room for rest and relaxation. If you have some pain then you go to this room to relax for a while. You can also make a meeting room. You can invite here some important person to discuss your problem.  For example you can call Dr. Johanna Budwig. You can sit with her, discuss and ask her opinion to solve your problem.   

You can also invite your friends and close relatives to celebrate your successful skiing expedition. Imagine you are standing on the dice and narrating your experiences and everybody is clapping. The main essence of the story is that in the end people see you are healthy and cheerful. So that they also help you achieve your healthy and happy future. One question is very frequently asked is that how many times you should go to this house. Lothar says that there is no fixed rule but whenever you get time you should visit this house, may be twice a day. If the problem is serious then it is better you go there several times a day.

Visualization wonderfully brings positive changes in your health. It costs nothing but works 100%. You can use this treatment to heal your cancer, make your life happy and cheerful or even to just become a millionaire (Hirneise, 530). 

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