Lothar Hirneise worked with Dr. Johanna Budwig from 1998 to 2003. He explained that there is much more available to cancer patients than just chemo and irradiation. Mr. Lothar Hirneise conducted this great interview in 1998 (Budwig, Cancer The Problem And The Solution).

Lothar Hirneise: What is your fundamental research?

Dr Johanna Budwig: In 1949, I developed Paper Chromatography of fats with Professor Kaufmann, the director of the Federal Institute for Research on Grain, Potatoes and Fat, and my former doctoral advisor, who was also director of the Pharmaceutical Institute. With this technique for first time I was able to detect fats, fatty acids and lipoproteins directly even in 0.1 ml of blood. I used Co 60 isotopes successfully to produce the first differential reaction for fatty acids, and produced the first direct  iodine value via radioiodine. I also developed control of atmosphere in closed system by using gas systems which act as antioxidants. I further developed Coloring, separating effects of fats and fatty acids. I too studied their behavior in blue light, red light with fluorescent dyes.

Using rhodamine red dye, I studied the electrical behavior of the unsaturated fatty acids with their “halo”. With this technique I could prove that electron rich highly unsaturated Linoleic and Linolenic fatty acids (Flax oil being richest source) were the mysterious and undiscovered decisive fats in respiratory enzyme function which Otto Warburg could not find. I studied the electromagnetic function of pi-electrons of the linolenic acid in the cell membranes, for all nerve function, secretions, mitosis, as well as cell division. I also examined the synergism of the sulfur containing protein with the Pi-electrons of the highly unsaturated fatty acids and their significance for the formation of the hydrogen bridge between fat and protein, which represent “the only path” for fast and focused Transport of electrons during respiration.

This immediately caused an excitement in scientific community. Everybody thought that it will open new doors in Cancer research. I also proved that Hydrogenated fats, refined oils including all Trans fatty acids were not having any vital electrons and thus proved as respiratory poisons. We published this research exclusively in many journals including “New Directions in Fat Research”.

Lothar Hirneise: What is the prime cause of Cancer?

Dr Johanna Budwig: In 1928 Dr. Otto Warburg proved that all normal cells require oxygen absolutely, but cancer cells can live without oxygen. It is a rule without exception. If you deprive a cell 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours and it would become cancerous. Dr. Otto Warburg has proved it clearly that the root cause of cancer is lack of oxygen in the cells, which creates an acidic state in the human body.

He also discovered that cancer cells are anaerobic i.e. do not breathe oxygen, get the energy by fermentation of glucose producing lactic acid and cannot thrive in the presence of high levels of oxygen. Long back in 1911 Swedish scientist Torsten Thunberg postulated that sulfur containing protein (found in cottage cheese) and some unknown fat is required to attract oxygen in the cell. This fat plays a major role in the cellular respiration. For nearly half century scientists were trying to identify this unknown and mysterious fat but nobody succeeded.

Lothar Hirneise: How did you develop cancer therapy which is called Budwig Protocol?

Dr Johanna Budwig: During my research I found that the blood of seriously ill cancer patients had deficiency of unsaturated essential fats (Linoleic and Linolenic fatty acids), lipoproteins, phosphatides, and hemoglobin. I also noticed that cancer patients had a strange greenish-yellow substance in their blood which is not present in the blood of healthy people. I wanted to develop a healing program for cancer.

So I decided to straight way go for human trials and I enrolled 642 cancer patients from four big hospitals in Münster.  I started to give Flax oil and Cottage Cheeseto the cancer patients. After just three months, patients began to improve in health and strength, the yellow green substance in their blood began to disappear, tumors gradually receded and at the same time as the nutrients began to rise. Thus I had a cure for cancer. It was a great victory and the first milestone in the battle against cancer. My treatment is based on the consumption of Flax seed oil with low fat cottage cheese, raw organic diet, detoxification, mild exercise, Flax oil massage and the healing powers of the sun. I have treated approx. 2500 cancer patients during last few decades. Prof. Halme of surgery clinic in Helsinki used to keep records of my patients. According to him my success was over 90% and this too was achieved in cases where conventional Oncology failed.

Lothar Hirneise: Can you tell us more about the unsaturated fatty acids and their net-like connections?

Dr. Johanna Budwig: Fatty acid is a carboxylic acid having unbranched chain of 4 to 28 carbons. The saturated fatty acids have primarily short carbon chains. In butter, coconut fat, goat fat and sheep fat the fatty acids consists of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 carbons. These fats are saturated, however they can also easily metabolize if the essential fatty acids are present. The unsaturated vital fatty acids really start with the chain with 18 carbon compounds. There are also fatty acids with up to 30 carbons. Fatty acids with 18 carbons, like in Flax oil with the higher level of unsaturation, are more important for human beings, particularly for the brain functions of man. Linoleic acid rich in electrons is considered vital. There is particularly high amount of energy in this double double bonds of the linoleic acid.

This energy wanders and is not fixed in place while in a chemical compound, such as with table salt the energy is fixed. This energy, wandering between electrons and the positively charged protein with sulfur groups is an alternating association process in the electromagnetic field. This is very important. Perhaps you are familiar with the painting of Michelangelo, where God creates Adam (two fingers pointing to each other, however they do not touch). This is quantum physics, here the fingers do not touch. The physicists who I know, Max Planck, or Albert Einstein, or Dessauer all represent the view that man is created by God in His image. You see in being together as human beings there is certainly also a connection without directly touching the other person. The dipolarity with a single double bond in olive oil is weaker than it is in sunflower seed oil, which is has two double bonds. This double double bond is considered to be vital for man. However if the same chain length of 18 carbons has three unsaturated fatty acid double bonds, then the electrical energy is as strong as a magnet. This electronic energy is negatively charged. The positively charged sulfur groups of the protein adhere in the unsaturated bonds where the electrons are and that is where they insert their sulfur-containing compounds.

This produces the lipoproteins. The life process is sustained in the interplay between the positively-charged particles and negatively-charged particles. In this process there is no connection, and this is our life element. If radical damage occurs at this point through fatty acids that has lost electron energy, but rather are cross-linked like a net, then the dipolarity can no longer work actively in this net. This is the deadly effect of free radicals, because instead of the chains with the electron clouds they interlace like a net without electron clouds, indeed with unsaturated bonds, but without dipolarity. I quickly knew that the triple unsaturated fatty acids, which were called linolenic acid, and which no one had isolated before me, had 18 carbons and that they did not always carry their double bonds at the same point. They have such a strong electronic energy compared to the heavier matter in the 18-link fatty acid chains, that biologically this energy is far greater than it is with the next arachidonic acid with 20 links. The highest electron collection is with the combination of linoleic-linolenic fatty acids in Flax oil. The linolenic acid as conjugated (interaction of neighboring double bonds in the molecule that are separated by a single bond) fatty acid is even more effective and is even more strongly interplay with linoleic acid as it is present in the Flax oil for oxygen absorption. This was relatively easy for me to verify in my experiments. I would like to emphasize this. The combination of double unsaturated linoleic acid with triple unsaturated linolenic acid is particularly well-combined in Flax seed.

Lothar Hirneise: Is it this energy that heals cancer?

Dr. Johanna Budwig: Yes, this energy is now movable and it is easily released. It is precisely this energy that heals cancer, or does not even allow it to occur. If this vital element is present then no tumor can exist. This vital element is a deciding factor in the immune system. There is no effective factor in the immune system other than the essential fatty acids.

Lothar Hirneise: What is an electron cloud?

Dr Johanna Budwig: If the enhancement of electronic energy is always higher through absorption of sun photons in the unsaturated fatty acids e.g. in linolenic fatty acids, then the power of the electrons is so high in the dipolarity between gravity and electrons, that they lifts off of the heavy mass and floats like a cloud hence I called them electron cloud.

Lothar Hirneise: What is the significance of the cloud?

Dr. Johanna Budwig: No life form has as much energy to store the electrons and photons as doe’s man. The electronic energy stored particularly in the vital, highly unsaturated fatty acids, is very strong life element for man. Man cannot live without them. If oils are treated with heat and harsh chemicals (during refining and hydrogenation process to increase their shelf life) then the wealth of vital electronic energy is destroyed and Trans fats are formed with net like connections. They are no longer vital fats with 18 carbons, but rather they form cross-links between the fatty acids like a large net, and are highly damaging to our body, do not adhere with proteins, do not attract oxygen and act like a free radicals. I repeat because it is so important: I have detected particles in oils treated with steam, which indeed have a positive iodine value, but which are highly toxic for man.

Lothar Hirneise: So you preach against these toxic hydrogenated and refined oils?

Dr. Johanna Budwig: I am completely against using these “pseudo” fats – “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated”. These are the biggest enemy of mankind. I had scientific proofs. The heart rejects these fats and they are deposited as inorganic fat on the heart muscle itself. They end up blocking circulation, damage heart action, inhibit cell renewal and impede the free flow of blood and lymph fluids.



But it was highly profitable business for multinationals. When I preached against these fats, they stood against me, first they tried to bribe me and when I refused they filed many fake court cases against me. I was working for humanity and had scientific proof. I was like rock of Gibraltar in my decision; I fought and won all the cases ultimately.

Lothar Hirneise: What is your view point about surgery for tumors?

Dr. Johanna Budwig: I am totally against radiation and chemo; I also reject hormonal treatment. Surgery must be considered individually. I am not a proponent of quickly making artificial anus. Conventional oncology no longer does justice to the cancer patients.

Lothar Hirneise: You also studied medicine at the age of 47 years.

Dr. Johanna Budwig: (smiling)       Yes handsome! That’s right, my opponents were accusing me that how can I treat cancer patients without a doctors degree. This thing pinched me, so in 1955, I joined medical school in Göttingen. There I was using my therapy very successfully in various clinics. I still remember the time I was working late one night in Göttingen, a woman came to me, with her small child whose arm was supposed to be amputated due to a tumor. I treated her and soon the subject of amputation was dismissed and the child quickly did very well.

Because I was still a medical student at this time, I was summoned to appear before the Municipal Court due to a petition that I should be prohibited from studying medicine. I explained the truth in the court. The judge rejected the case and said, “You have done a good job, Budwig. In my area of jurisdiction nothing will happen to you. If it does there will be a scandal in the scientific community.”

Lothar Hirneise: What do you recommend for prevention of cancer?

Dr. Johanna Budwig: Consume only Flax oil as oil. I reject frozen and preserved meat. Fresh meat is OK. No frozen food and no bakery products. No Trans fats. Eat organic diet. Oleolox should be used as butter. Prepare fruit juices yourself. Cheese and potatoes are OK. Also the electromagnetic environment (e.g. microwave and mobile phones etc.) in which we live is very important. I reject synthetic textiles and foam mattresses because they steal lot of electrons from you. A lot of wood in home construction and woolen or silk carpets are also important. Wear gemstones, they also have good biological radiation. Books could be written on gemstones. The environment and living conditions must be as biological (organic & natural) as possible. Regular sleep is very important.

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