For almost 10 years the Budwig Wellness has been helping people face Cancer head-on by using natural remedies and treatments. The scores of positive testimonials have only impelled us to continue to provide the best natural health care based on the protocol of Dr. Johanna Budwig.

The Budwig Wellness is committed to implementing the original Dr. Johanna Budwig protocol that for more than 60 years has helped countless people with all types of cancer recover their health. Our “Healing program” provides holistic, complementary and alternative healing methods that treat the real cause of cancer in the first place and not just the symptoms. We treat not just the body, the tumor or the disease but also the emotional trauma that is often associated with cancer.  

As soon as you arrive at the Budwig Wellness you will notice the warm and caring atmosphere.  Before you return home, you will have learned how to continue the lifesaving Budwig methodology by reading our Budwig Protocol guides, as well as personalized one on one conversation. In our Budwig kitchen, you will not only enjoy the delicious meals but also be taught how to prepare them.   
Budwig Wellness
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