●  Enough jalapeno peppers to fill a 1 quart-sized fido jar
●  3 tbsp unrefined salt (Sea Salt or Pickling Salt)
●  1 quart of fresh, unchlorinated water
●  1/2 of an onion
●  Gently clean and wash the peppers, discarding any soft or bruised fruits.
●  Slice half an onion, and peel 3 or 4 medium-sized garlic cloves. While optional, these ingredients accent the peppers nicely and picking up some of the pepper’s heat in the process.
●  Pack the pepper into your jar.
●  Make a brine consisting of 3 tbsp Sea Salt and 1 quart of fresh, unchlorinated water.
●  Pour the brine over the pepper mixture, leaving room at the top of the jar for the water that will be drawn out of the peppers by the salt. ●  Ensure that the peppers are kept beneath the brine.
●  Secure the lid on your fido jar to create an airless chamber where lactic acid bacteria can do their job. Culture at room temperature until the color of the peppers changes, from bright green to olive color, usually 5-7 days.
●  Store these pickled peppers in the fridge for long-term storage when fermentation is complete.

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