Radiation therapy consists in directing ionising radiation to the tumor in an effort to control or kill cancerous cells. While it is effective against some rarer forms of cancer, it generally comes at a high cost in side effects (one of them being that it potentially causes secondary malignancies and definitely “helps” cause cancer when used in diagnostic medical and dental x-ray exams.

Serious questions need to be raised as to the regularity with which it is administered.

Unfortunately, as in most areas of life and particularly in what has been correctly dubbed the “cancer industry”, we have to “follow the money”. There is a massive investment in radiology machines in hospitals, and it is extremely lucrative both for the hospitals, the equipment and film manufacturers, and for the radiologists themselves (as confirmed by Dr Ralph Moss, whistleblower and author of “Questioning Chemotherapy” and “The Cancer Industry”.

In 1977 for instance, Memorial Sloan Kettering in New York invested 4.5 million in new radiology equipment. In 1987 they performed 75,595 radiation treatments and implant procedures (averaging out at over four treatments per patient admitted).

Once a hospital has invested millions in equipment, they clearly have a strong incentive to use it and apparently will use it even against the better judgment of those who speak out against it.

Physician and molecular biologist John Cairns (1922-2018), Professor at the Harvard University School of Public Health, for instance said in 1985: “The majority of cancers cannot be cured by radiation because the dose of x-rays required to kill all the cancer cells would also kill the patient.”

Frequently, radiation therapy is given to patients following surgery such as to women undergoing breast surgery. This in spite of the fact that the British medical journal The Lancet reported in 1974 that early breast cancer patients who only had surgery had a better survival chance than those receiving postoperative radiation.

In 1979, biostatistician Dr. Irwin Bross (1921-2004) summed up a thirty year cover-up of radiation hazards: “For thirty years radiologists in this country have been engaged in massive malpractice.”
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  1. I wish I knew for sure that radiation will kill me or not as I now have 50+ brain lesions. First diagnosed with 4B High-Grade Serous Carcinoma July 2019 and even after doing supplements, diet and exercise, my OC came back after 9months to my Peritoneal & Brain. I’m 55yo. My mom died at 40 of Brain Cancer and I’m really trying hard to not die. I’m also BRCA1+
    Any tips would greatly help with having to pay a fortune out of pocket.

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